Capital Raising Course

Program discounts are available for Exit Velocity high fliers.

The Capital Raising Course offers founders a complete guide to raising capital in the US including common myths and misconceptions about the process and how to position their business for a successful raise.

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John Stuckey
CEO  |  Mobile Digital

Meet the presenters

Mark Janes

Managing Partner
Founder: ConnectedYard, Phrame, FabTab, Tamblin, Workhouse, Wrapt
Investor: Subterra, Troly, Hale Wai Ventures, Gabriel, Wrapt, Frax'd, Splice
Advisor: Allergy Amulet, Troly, Phrame, OnePointOne, Render, Tuned Global, Subterra, Oovvuu, Ping Services, ScalaMed, Helperstreet,  Gabriel, Automates, Splice, 
PPC Samurai, Datasec, Darzin, Direct Scripts
Mentor: Austrade Landing Pads
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Stuart Waite

Managing Partner
Founder: Tamblin, Rockmelon, Timpani, Wrapt
Investor: Elanation, Oovvuu, Subterra, Skynet, Rapporr, Troly, Splice, Wrapt, Gabriel, Frax'd
Advisor: Cisco, Render, Tuned Global, Oovvuu, Troly, Subterra, OnePointOne, ScalaMed, Helperstreet, PPC Samurai, Datasec, Darzin, Direct Scripts, Automates, Splice
Mentor: CSIRO, muru-D, Austrade Landing Pads, Cisco