Go To Market Course

All the information a startup needs to build and execute a successful go to market strategy for the United States. 
Program discounts are available for Exit Velocity high fliers.

The Go To Market Course helps founders understand what foundations their business needs to succeed and how to build a Go To Market strategy for the US including market validation, TAM, SAM, and SOM, pricing, and establishing the most lucrative channels to market.

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Meet the Managing Partners

Mark Janes

Managing Partner
Founder: ConnectedYard, Phrame, FabTab, Tamblin, Workhouse, Wrapt
Investor: Subterra, Troly, Hale Wai Ventures, Gabriel, Wrapt, Automates, Splice
Advisor: Allergy Amulet, Troly, Phrame, OnePointOne, Render, Tuned Global, Subterra, Oovvuu, Ping Services, ScalaMed, Helperstreet,  Gabriel, Automates, Splice, 
PPC Samurai, Datasec, Darzin, Direct Scripts
Mentor: Austrade Landing Pads
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Stuart Waite

Managing Partner
Founder: Tamblin, Rockmelon, Timpani, Wrapt
Investor: Elanation, Oovvuu, Subterra, Skynet, Rapporr, Troly, Splice, Wrapt, Gabriel, Automates
Advisor: Cisco, Render, Tuned Global, Oovvuu, Troly, Subterra, OnePointOne, ScalaMed, Helperstreet, PPC Samurai, Datasec, Darzin, Direct Scripts, Automates, Splice
Mentor: CSIRO, muru-D, Austrade Landing Pads, Cisco